Hasta que no avise de otra cosa…

27 10 2007

No habrán entradas en el blog.

Este mensaje ha sido patrocinado por la conexión de palo que hay en Irlanda, especialmente en el Inish House.


Dur dur d’etre un bébé

10 09 2007

Entrada especial en inglés dedicada a mis amiwitos franceses:

I’m called Jordi, I’m 4 years old and I’m small, no, actually I’m much older and much prettier than that famous baby star that rocked the french 17 years ago (or whenever, I don’t care). The thing is that each time I introduced myself to someone new they’d start to sing some weird song like “je m’appelle jordi… ” etc, start laughin and… yeah… I didn’t really know if there were moking me or whatsoever. So, Liz and Celine, know that I’ve done some research and found some videos on youtube of that little sucker… The worst part (knowing that something like this exists is already terrible) was when I realised that the song ringed a bell (I remembered the song, when I was young I heard it too), specially the “oh yeah baby” part… so, thank you guys, now I hate myself. And know that I am NOT that jordi, he didn’t move to spain and he didn’t become like me, probably right now he’s mental and has drug problems… so not me… I don’t do drugs xD.

Original video

Here we see Jordy rocking live with some nice dancers

Lyrics and translation after the jump…

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